Q1.      How does SOS help you slim down?
After 4 years of clinical trials, Dr. Peterson discovered that the DNA structure of Salmon Ovary Peptide (S.O.P) matches diligently to our human's fat genes.  (S.O.P) can activate our “Lean” adipose cells (Brown fat cell) which are responsible for burning calories in our “Fat” adipose cells (White fat cell).  The slimming technology of (S.O.P) can activate our body's “Lean” adipose cells to self spontaneously burn the “Fat” adipose cells to reduce its size.  As a result, SOS slimming technology of “Burn Fat by Fat” is exercised benefiting an innovative way of burning fat, no rebound and total body slimming impact.
 Q2.      Type of people SOS works best on?
People with accumulated too much “Fat” adipose cell (White fat cell) and living in a busy city with unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits for example; lack of exercise and unbalance diets, having no momentum what so ever to lose weight.  The more “Fat” adipose cell you have, the quicker and effectively you will slim down by SOS activating your body's “Lean” adipose cells (Brown fat cell) to burn of energy and calories inside the White fat cell to reduce its cell size which would determine a slim body shape.
 Q3.      How much SOS dosage to take?
After each meal, take 1-2 SOS capsule along with a glass of warm water.  Maximum 6 SOS capsules per day.  Drinking 8 glasses of water daily is recommended to help burn your body's white fat.  You can refer to our perfect body page to receive advice on how much SOS dosage you should take to achieve your desired objectives.
 Q4.      Time to re-activate “Lean” adipose cells?
Due to the body composition and fat ratio of individuals are different; the times to re-activate “Lean” adipose cells would not be the same for everyone.  However, on an average person would take 4 to 7 days to re-active their “Lean” adipose cells, therefore, we strongly advice to take SOS for at least one month to achieve optimum slimming result.
 Q5.      Time it takes to see slimming result?
Slimming effects varies person to person. 98% of users' after taking SOS for a month their weight decreased.  In 2012 we invited 43 aged 25-55 years old for a SOS clinical testing.  The test was set by taking 1 SOS capsule after each meal, one from the morning and one from the evening.  Results proved that around 400-500 kcal were burn.  This test continued for 10 days and 89% of the users lost 8 pounds and reduce waist by 7 inches.
 Q6.        Can I use other slimming product too?
Although the ingredients in SOS are all made from natural compounds, we still do not recommend consuming with slimming product simultaneously to avoid inappropriate slimming results and it is more difficult to distinguish the effectiveness of the diverse slimming products.
 Q7.        Does SOS cause any side effects?
SOS do not cause any side effects, because the main ingredient are the essence from the outer coat of the salmon ovary Peptide which is sourced from the deep pacific ocean where the sea water is non-polluted.  And it is closely matches the human's DNA structure for easy absorption.  Don't worry, our product is 100 percent natural and we promise highest safety.
 Q8.        Who should avoid SOS?
Pregnant women, people with cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, or other long-term patients.  If necessary, please consult professional advice before consuming.
 Q9.        Where to buy SOS from?
From Mannings stores in Hong Kong & Macau, www.ballyhoo.com.hk and www.soslim.us.
 Q10.      Has SOS been awarded any prize?
The formula of SOS has patents from the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong.  And has won the Japan RBPbiz Awards, World's top 10 medical breakthroughs 2009 “Nature Awards” “TIME Awards” “NEJM Awards”(A number of respected magazines)